Over 50+ years in business Hi-Standard Manufacturing has an array of industries served including Aerospace, Defense, Computer, Medical, Oil and Commercial. Hi-Standard is proud of the fact that we are able to adapt to the ever changing requirements of each industry. Serving  companies like Garret Air Research (Now Honeywell), Boeing, U.S. Army Tank, Detroit Arsenal, Dept. of the Navy, Gassco., General Dynamics, Fluid Production Hardware, City of Long Beach, City of Los Angeles, Containment Corp., and so on  for as long as 50 years. Never failing to meet a deadline, even when rushed orders comes thru our doors, as often does with oil field related products.

Regardless of the industry, Hi-Standard is always looking to expand and create dynamic new relationships. We provide a friendly, family oriented, small business atmosphere where the doors are always open. Come on down and we’d be happy to take a look at your project and help get your design where it needs to be, and then get you a prototype or sample quickly to meet your needs. We love new projects and stepping outside our realm to meet new challenges in new industries.

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